SaaS Solutions for Your Business and Clients

Everything you should know about SaaS: what is it, who applies it, and how can your business and clients benefit from using Software as a Service.

Startup MVP Development: How To Build A Minimum Viable Product

Startup MVP development. What is it and how to build a minimum viable product that'll become your most valuable player? Read on to find out!

In-House vs Remote Team: Is There a Difference Now?

There are differences between the in-house team and the remote team. That's why there's constant discussion about which model is more effective.

Contactless payments: spike during COVID-19 and future

Contactless payments are actively used by international companies as a solution that is greatly influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Digital Transformation in the Insurance Industry

What does tomorrow hold for the insurance companies? Industry trends, news, insights, and the effect of digital transformation.

3 Main Fintech Challenges in 2020

Fintech challenges in 2020. How can companies leverage technology in order to stay competitive? Learn all aboutRegTech, Big Data, AI, and industry insights.

Startup Funding Explained: Investment Rounds and Sources

How to get funding for a startup? Investment rounds and sources, common pitfalls, and 7 real ways to raise money for your idea.

How To Make a Startup Successful? Best Tips and Insights

How to make a startup successful? Why do companies fail and how to join the winners' circle? Useful tips and insights to succeed!

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