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Turnkey Product Development

Turnkey Product Development is ideal for those seeking to recruit professionals in the relevant industry and reduce the need for project owner management and supervision

Why choose Turnkey Product Development?

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Our company helps to complete a project for a set price, saving the company time and money on facility creation

Free of legal and technical obstacles

Clients don't have to worry about navigating legal and technical obstacles, focusing them to focus on their core business functions

Share & Exchange

Collaborate and share ideas with the development team bi-directionally at all project stages

Risk transference

The contractor assumes much of the project risk and responsibility, in contrast to the project owner

Reduced management efforts

Enable your focus on vision and strategy, rather than operational management

State-of-the-art quality

Get a product built with latest tech, following all industry standards and innovations

Turnkey Product Development Fits For

Size doesn't matter, as we say here at MintyMint. Cost-efficient and proper solutions for any company size

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Scale Up & SMB


Enterprise-level companies

Partnership benefits

Leverage the experience and expertise of MintyMint to your advantage

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Fixed project price

Provides reduced risk, better planning, competitive pricing, and clear expectations to budget accordingly and achieve a successful project outcome

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Result-based cooperation

Effective communication, mutual trust, and a shared understanding of the desired results

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Production risks on us

Reduce adverse effects and preserve a favorable professional relationship

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Minimum involvement required

Save time and effort, increase productivity, reduce costs, enhance decision-making, and improve the quality of project/product

Our Workflow

MintyMint Turnkey Model provides end-to-end software development services, including project planning, execution, and maintenance, delivering customized solutions to meet our clients' needs



Initial client request processing



Talent acquisition and team

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Define the project requirements

Our first step is to define the project requirements, budget, timeline, and scope of work. Here we identify the objectives and goals of the project, as well as any particular tools or technologies that we will need

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Proposal and contract

After establishing the project requirements, we will present a proposal outlining their methodology, budget, and timelines for the project. Once the proposal is accepted, a contract is signed between the client and us, outlining payment terms, project-specific details, and the scope of work

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Project planning

Upon finalizing the contract, we will proceed to develop a project plan that defines the necessary tasks, resources, and timelines to execute the project. This could involve implementing a project management approach, identifying roles and responsibilities, and creating a communication plan

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Once the project plan is ready, we start working on its implementation. This stage involves the design, and development of technical solutions, their testing, and implementation

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Quality assurance

Next we will perform quality assurance checks throughout the project to ensure that it adheres to the highest standards of quality. This includes reviewing code and deliverables, testing, and debugging

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Deployment and launch

After completing and thoroughly testing the project, we will proceed to deploy and launch the solution. This could involve providing support and maintenance, training the client's team, and ensuring the solution is fully functional

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Project review

Upon project completion, we carry out a comprehensive review to assess the project's success and identify opportunities for improvement. This includes analyzing project metrics, gathering stakeholder feedback, and identifying possibilities for future projects.

By following this workflow, companies can ensure timely and budget-friendly turnkey project completion while maintaining superior quality standards

Technological expertise

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How do we help businesses grow?

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Client-oriented mindset

Valuing every aspect of your business as if it was our own, we focus on refining the features, efficiency, and competitiveness of your product to meet both your and the end-users' desires and expectations

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At the forefront of modern technology

Applying the latest architectural and design trends, we produce tailored solutions with relevant technology stacks so you can be confident in each step of the software development process

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Solving the
puzzle for you

Knowing about the daily challenges of the business world, we analyse all of your processes to deliver a solution that will help your company meet its goals regardless of the business objective

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5.0 out of 5 stars
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Build world-class digital products with an innovative and reliable technical partner by your side

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Why Companies Trust Us

Testimonials of our clients

Paul Getter

The Internet Marketing Nerd

One of the best contractors I have worked with. Very happy with the project and quality of work they did!
Paul Getter | CEO The Internet Marketing Nerd
Alex Hoogewijs


Back in 2018 we were suffering from capacity issues in our core team. It was a really great solution to cover the capacity shortage we had!
Alex Hoogewijs | CTO SiteManager
Jory Hoffman


MintyMint really treats your project as if it was their own, and they are really committed to making sure that you get the product that you want, and that your company is ultimately successful!
Jory Hoffman | Co-founder Write.Law
Tyrone Sinclaire

Pretio Interactive

Excellent experience working with the team! Communication was seamless and timely, deadlines met. Would definitely recommend/work with these fine folks again!
Tyrone Sinclaire | Founder Pretio Interactive
Nanavati Low

UAS Ventures

Сompetently built development process is the pleasure of cooperation and high-quality result at the same time!
Nanavati Low | Founder UAS Ventures

Other partnership models

Explore all partnership models with MintyMint to fit your business setup

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Dedicated Development Team

Scalable team dedicated for your product FTE

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Team Augmentation

Extra resources to backup your core team

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