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Partnership models

Solve tech challenges with suitable work models for each & every business size: whether you are a startup or an enterprise-level organization

Dedicated Development Team

Just like your own in-house team, with much less costs and hassle. Agile, qualified and flexible tech team, who strive to make your product better and achieve your goals

Team Augmentation

Team Augmentation can be a cost-effective way to hire a development team without the hassle of managing and training an in-house team

Turnkey Product Development

Turnkey Product Development is ideal for those seeking to recruit professionals in the relevant industry and reduce the need for project owner management and supervision

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Dedicated Development Team

Agile team of various configurations solely dedicated to your product or project

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Benefits Of Model

  • Hand-picked tech expertise focused on your product
  • Reduce time-to-hire, recruitment and operational costs
  • Scale up & down quickly
  • Less prone to local market conditions
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Things to consider

  • Works well if you already have an in-house team and want to scale
  • Excellent if you have a dedicated Product Manager
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Benefits Of Model

  • Save money on recruitment and onboarding
  • Save time on management routine
  • Scale the team up and down when you need
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Things to consider

  • Might work better for smaller teams
  • Effective work process is crucial to have

Team Augmentation

Hire a skilled developer to extend your project team

Turnkey Product Development

We manage and deliver the project at all stages, from discovery to release and maintenance

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Benefits Of Model

  • Single responsibility
  • Contractually agreed timelines and deliverables
  • All risks are handled by MintyMint
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Things to consider

  • Less control over the development project
  • Limited customization after starting the work

State-of-the-art Standards

Modern technology stack

Reliable and modern technologies we use make your product easily upgraded and maintained effortless

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IP protection

Your privacy and rights are important: all intellectual property, including source code, belongs to you and is legally protected

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Legal compliance

We strictly follow all changes in data management standards and rules to make products GDPR, HIPAA, and ISO compliant

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Agile project management

Change priorities on-the-go with a cross-functional Agile-driven team and solve the most complex challenges

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Guaranteed service quality

Up to 30 days free-of-charge quality assurance and control upon project delivery ensures your product is up and running

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Scalability everywhere

The software we build and the team you work with is highly scalable same as your business

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Technological expertise

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Why Companies Trust Us

Testimonials of our clients

Paul Getter

The Internet Marketing Nerd

One of the best contractors I have worked with. Very happy with the project and quality of work they did!
Paul Getter | CEO The Internet Marketing Nerd
Alex Hoogewijs


Back in 2018 we were suffering from capacity issues in our core team. It was a really great solution to cover the capacity shortage we had!
Alex Hoogewijs | CTO SiteManager
Jory Hoffman


MintyMint really treats your project as if it was their own, and they are really committed to making sure that you get the product that you want, and that your company is ultimately successful!
Jory Hoffman | Co-founder Write.Law
Tyrone Sinclaire

Pretio Interactive

Excellent experience working with the team! Communication was seamless and timely, deadlines met. Would definitely recommend/work with these fine folks again!
Tyrone Sinclaire | Founder Pretio Interactive
Nanavati Low

UAS Ventures

Сompetently built development process is the pleasure of cooperation and high-quality result at the same time!
Nanavati Low | Founder UAS Ventures

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