An Intro Guide To NFTs: Non-Fungible Tokens Explained

What is NFT, how does it work, how to leverage it successfully, and a bunch of other important questions - already answered - in this article.

Digital Transformation in Private Equity and Venture Capital

Digital transformation in venture capital and private equity companies is different from that across the fintech industry. Jump in to learn all about it!

6 FinTech Risks To Watch Out For In 2022

2021 was a transformative year for Fintech. In 2022, it’s developing with cosmic speed and making many changes in all industries. The Fintech industry obtained over $130b in capital, representing 20% of all money invested in 2021.  Yet with massive fintech development comes more significant risk, and some Fintech businesses have begun to feel vulnerable

Top 3 Integrations for Enterprise-Grade E-Commerce Platforms

E-commerce is purchasing and selling goods and services via the Internet. In March 2021, e-commerce sales grew across most retail sectors by 74%, compared to March 2020. How to integrate the e-Commerce platform successfully?  The e-commerce website must act as an enabler for improving sales and overall profits, representing an emulation of the physical shopping

Flow Blockchain Vs. Ethereum: Which Is Better For NFT Development in 2022?

Are you frustrated about determining Flow blockchain and Ethereum for NFT Development? We’ll tell you the key differences between them and give you some valuable advice to smooth the overall NFT development for your requirements. Flow Blockchain It is a fast, decentralized blockchain platform that can boost the growth of complete ecosystems of applications, particularly

What is Defi, and How Does it Work for Cryptocurrency in 2022?

What is Defi Crypto? A decentralized finance coin (Defi) transfers value in a financial transaction. These coins are often built to power their special native blockchain networks. These vary quite a bit when compared to traditional finance. Yet, Defi tokens are comprehended due to their various utility in their native networks. For instance, some of

Top Six Challenges in Digital Healthcare

Recently, technology has transformed the way industry professionals approach the concept of healthcare.  Hospital information systems (HIS), electronic health records (EHR), prescriptions, personal digital assistants (PDA), and wearable devices enable ease of the storage of medical data and enhance the overall contact between patients and healthcare professionals.  While many of these inventions are optimistic and

React Native vs Swift: What is the Best iOS App Platform in 2022?

Is it likely to make iOS native apps employing React Native and Swift? Or is it better to use only one platform? In the following article, we will resemble these two processes for iOS app development and make a clear conclusion on what’s better indeed. Let’s go!  Swift: All You Need to Know Generally, Swift

How to Plan A Business Strategy In 2022?

2022 has become the year of global and local changes in all spheres. Multiple cases have been adjusted for businesses in 2022 as well. 2021 was a year of the severe pandemic; thus, profits in companies of all sizes significantly decreased, and most businesses underutilized their resources.  Averagely, companies’ sales declined to 27% in October

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