MintyMint’s Software Development Workflow

Alex Tarasenko
Alex Tarasenko

Every software development team has their own ways when it comes to the steps of the software production process. Naturally, some of the key roadmap points and milestones are common for all IT development projects alike. Nevertheless, distinct features are also there. Therefore, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to go over MintyMint’s software development workflow so that you know exactly what to expect when choosing us as your outsourcing partner. 

Without further ado, let’s jump in!

Cooperation models

First of all, when it comes to the development process, it is important to define the three main types of cooperation our clients can pick from according to their needs. 

Hiring a dedicated team 

If you need an agile and flexible team of experts to work on a project under your supervision, then hiring a dedicated team from MintyMint is the perfect choice for you. 

When going with this option, we supply a ready team of developers (the size depends on your needs) which are working full-time on your project or product. Meanwhile, you are responsible for providing a vision of the product and outlining the roadmap/goals. 

As for the management part, there is a lot of space for determining your role in the development process – from direct team management (with setting the tasks, deadlines, and responsibilities) to the supervision of solely key workflow points and milestones. This allows you to have the right amount of leverage over project progress while exempting you from all the executive headache, without compromising quality or end-results.  

dedicated team workflow representation

Having a dedicated team is best suitable for startups and scaleup companies, as well as established SMBs (small and medium-sized businesses) that have a management team and/or some degree of technical experience, as well as a fairly clear product vision.  

The key benefits of hiring a dedicated team with MintyMint are the following: 

  • You get a predictable and fixed budget for the team;
  • Full-time access to a team of dedicated experts with a deep understanding of your product and business goals; 
  • Talent working solely for you on an FTE basis;
  • You get a project manager and QA engineer services free of charge, as an added value. 

Extending your team

The second type of cooperation is resource staffing (aka team extension). This partnership model is a great match for scaleup companies and existing teams that need additional resources to fulfill a temporary task or a part of a product, or take on a particular responsibility within the project. 

Moving the workload externally is not only beneficial budget-wise, but also takes the weight off of your core team. Therefore, they can focus on the most relevant and high-priority tasks and challenges. Moreso, team extension lifts the burdens of the recruitment process and employee management – all of which is done on our side. 

Like that, we ensure software professionals at your service and take care of the HR aspects and paperwork, while you can focus on the essentials of the working process. 

team extension workflow representation

Here are the main benefits of backing up your team with MintyMint experts: 

  • You have full control over team member management; 
  • Always available specialists to fulfill current or urgent tasks; 
  • You are spared of the recruitment, HR, and paperwork headache. 

Turnkey project 

Last but not least in the list of partnership models available with MintyMint is ordering a complete, turnkey project. For startups and entrepreneurs without extensive coding experience, as well as a wide range of SMBs – this is definitely the best bet. Generally speaking, it is the go-to choice for anyone who just doesn’t want to deal with all the pains of managing an IT development project but does need tangible results.

When ordering a turnkey product, all you have to do is to provide a general product vision along with the desired timeline and give continuous feedback along the process, while our team will return a tested, release-ready product for you to enjoy. This is a full-cycle service allowing you to get projects fulfilled on a pay-per-result basis. 

The main advantages of ordering a turnkey project from MintyMint are: 

  • You pay for the results (a ready product);
  • All of the production risks are on our team;
  • You don’t overpay (there’s a fixed project price);
  • Less management work as compared to other cooperation models.
turnkey project workflow representation

Project stages 

That’s it regarding the different types of partnership models available when hiring MintyMint. 

As for the very workflow progression, a typical software development project fulfilled by our team consists of three main stages, such as: 

Discovery and Planning

This is the first stage of any project’s lifecycle. It is required to transform a client’s idea into an accurate product concept with measurable characteristics and a clear design.

The discovery and planning stage is there so we can: 

  • Set the main business goals and needs; 
  • Investigate potential problems, risks, and possible solutions;
  • Determine the product’s key solutions and opportunities;
  • Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the product’s competitors;
  • Describe typical end-user profiles along with their goals, needs, and pain points;
  • Define the key metrics to measure the success of the project;
  • Outline the main product details and features;
  • Develop a value chain map with modules, streams, and use cases.

Once all these things are cleared out, we are able to make a project estimate with a detailed roadmap including the scope and time of work, as well as key milestones and deadlines. 

Development and Implementation

After a project’s roadmap is outlined, the actual “development work” begins. Our design team creates a UX/UI brand book with elaborate visuals and nuanced user experiences based on market research and the latest trends. Meanwhile, our coding department implements the actual back-end functionality of the product and hooks it up to the frontend. 

This stage is required to: 

  • Design and develop the product’s prototype;
  • Create a holistic brand visual; 
  • Develop the Frontend and Backend of the product;
  • Create and support the DataBase;
  • Conduct initial product testing. 

Releasing and Maintenance 

Once the product is developed and tested, it is ready for the final stage of production – release and subsequent maintenance. At this point, our team prepares exhaustive technical documentation on the product, which is then transferred from the development environment and released to the public. You may enjoy the product!   

This stage includes:

  • Preparation for the release;
  • Publishing the product on public sites;
  • Subsequent product maintenance and monitoring;
  • Technical documentation.

Technically speaking, it is the end of the project’s lifecycle. That said, this stage is a continuous process since our experts remain in touch to resolve any technical issues or answer questions that may arise. 

Team management

Whichever cooperation model you choose, our project manager is there to help you at every stage of the product development journey. When it comes to our team management workflow, we stick to the industry standard for 2020 – Agile (Scrum).  

Agile representation

Technologies and expertise

As for the tech stack in the arsenal of MintyMint developers and IT experts – there are really no boundaries. In fact, our software specialists’ combined experience and skillsets are versatile enough to adjust to each client’s specific needs and setup. 

At that, some of the prevalent technologies we usually work with include: 


JavaScript, Typescript, PHP, Laravel, Node.js


Angular.js, React.js, Vue.js, Next.js, Bootstrap, WordPress

Mobile apps: 

React Native (for cross-platform apps), Swift, Kotlin



More so, hiring MintyMint’s specialists means that you can rely on our team’s substantial expertise in software development for various industries, including fintech, retail, and social services.

From digital banks and trading solutions to mobile insurance tools, crowdfunding platforms, online marketplaces, catering services, and business optimization tools – our experts have the knowledge and experience required to turn your ideas into marketable products. 

Final word

Now that you know every nuance of our team’s software development workflow, you can weigh in on it and see if it fits in with your goals and needs for that product you have in mind.

Naturally, every project requires a unique approach and process. So, if you have any questions regarding how MintyMint can help you fulfill your IT goals – feel free to reach out to us right here!