Digital Transformation In Investment Banking: Trends and Opportunities

We’ve already covered digital transformation in the wider notion of banking, and now let’s delve into its more specific niche. 

Investment banking connects investors and organizations, making the financing supply and demand meet on an individual, corporate, and even national levels. These institutions are extremely valuable for all parties involved, so improving their operation via digital means is a hot topic in 2021. 

Today we are going to explore some of the specifics of digitization in the field. Define the main challenges in front of investment banking companies. And most importantly, determine how tech strategies and solutions can address these issues. 

Investment banking challenges

Investment banking businesses are suffering a recession right now, with revenues dropping to their 2008’s low. Some of the main factors contributing to such a situation are:

  • Global economic crisis 
  • Insufficient capital resources  
  • High operational costs 
  • Imperfect customer service 
  • Cybersecurity flaws
  • Poor talent access 
  • Increased regulations 
  • Outdated technology
  • Industry competition

Investment banking opportunities

As mentioned above, there are some serious issues in investment banking right now. And while a lot of it is due to the global pandemic, a big part of the problems could be avoided by modernizing solutions and approaches on the tech frontier. 

Like that, digital transformation can help achieve the following: 

  • Attract new clients 
  • Cut operational costs 
  • Improve customer relationship 
  • Ramp up cybersecurity 
  • Access great talent  
  • Meet fintech regulations 
  • Integrate latest technologies 

How can investment banking businesses benefit from software products and solutions?

Our team has a number of fintech projects in the portfolio, including an MFI (Money Flow Index) based trading solution, and an investment risk assessment platform.

Getting down to business, there are three ways MintyMint can help investment banking institutions achieve their business goals through technology. 

Those are:  

1. Strategy development

First of all, we can help to outline a comprehensive digital strategy to consistently achieve your business goals through technology. 

Depending on your business’s particular pain points and level of digitization, it can be a set of adjustments to the present tech approach, or an entirely new strategy incorporating particular solutions, technologies, and practices.  

2. Implementation of tech solutions

MintyMint can develop and integrate a wide range of digital solutions for your business. From CRM software and security features to an entire cloud-based web platform aggregating all of your processes in one place. 

Depending on your needs and setup, we can redesign your current website, ramp up individual functionalities, upgrade legacy systems, and if you have a rich client base – we can build a responsive cross-platform mobile app to reach those mobile users.

3. External talent

Last but not least, we can provide you with dedicated software experts or entire teams to back up existing departments and fulfill additional responsibilities. 

Outstaffing allows you to free up your core team’s time and resources for essential tasks only they can tackle. It gives you access to great talent without having to bear the difficulties of hiring and HR processes, so you can focus on essential business objectives. Finally, it can save you money, providing software services at a lower cost.  

Future investment banking trends

Investment banking companies need to embrace digital transformation in order to prosper and stay afloat. Industry leaders like Credit Suisse and Barclays are already doing it and are seizing some great results in terms of reduced operational costs, greater client retention, and overall workflow optimization. And if your business is looking for similar results, it makes a lot of sense to follow suit.  

Need help with your digital transformation initiatives? We are ready to help!

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