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Digital banking platform that offers mobile banking services

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  • Provides various banking services, such as opening a bank account, creating virtual debit cards, and performing transactions
  • Offers features like cashback rewards, budgeting tools, and financial insights to help customers manage their finances effectively

Project background

Make the redesign of the App that provides financial services and design experiences and memories along the way

bankiom project
bankiom solution mobile 3
bankiom solution mobile 2
bankiom solution mobile 1

The solution is...

New design with flexible functionality


Registration in the App

Identity verification

Profile with all info

Fast account opening

Creating virtual debit cards

Send and receive money

Cashback rewards

Managing finances effectively

bankiom Functionality 1
bankiom Functionality 2
bankiom Functionality 3
bankiom Functionality 4
bankiom Functionality 5
bankiom Functionality 6
bankiom Functionality 7
bankiom Functionality 8

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Paul Getter

The Internet Marketing Nerd

One of the best contractors I have worked with. Very happy with the project and quality of work they did!
Paul Getter | CEO The Internet Marketing Nerd
Alex Hoogewijs


Back in 2018 we were suffering from capacity issues in our core team. It was a really great solution to cover the capacity shortage we had!
Alex Hoogewijs | CTO SiteManager
Jory Hoffman


MintyMint really treats your project as if it was their own, and they are really committed to making sure that you get the product that you want, and that your company is ultimately successful!
Jory Hoffman | Co-founder Write.Law
Tyrone Sinclaire

Pretio Interactive

Excellent experience working with the team! Communication was seamless and timely, deadlines met. Would definitely recommend/work with these fine folks again!
Tyrone Sinclaire | Founder Pretio Interactive
Nanavati Low

UAS Ventures

Сompetently built development process is the pleasure of cooperation and high-quality result at the same time!
Nanavati Low | Founder UAS Ventures

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