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Workflow tailored to your needs.

Partnership models

Custom software development of all forms and shapes -

Dedicated Team

is a service to benefit from an agile and scalable team, working full-time on your product, typically under client's management and supervision

Team structure

An agile and scalable team working on your project full-time.



  • Predictable budget;
  • Experts dedicated to your product and business goals;
  • Project manager and QA engineer free of charge - as an added value service.


Our: Assign a qualified dedicated team to work solely on your product(s).
Client: Product vision and roadmap.

Extra employees

Additional personnel to back up an existing team.



  • Full control over extended team members’ management;
  • Experts at hand to close urgent tasks or temporary responsibilities;
  • No HR/Recruitment related headache.


Our: Provide software experts and oversee HR processes.
Client: Manage extended team members.
Custom software development of all forms and shapes -

Resource staffing

is a service for you to back up an existing team with extra personnel. Team size and structure depends on your needs.

Custom software development of all forms and shapes -

Turnkey Project

is a full-cycle service for you to get the projects done on a project-by-project basis.

Extra employees

Completed, release-ready product at your service.



  • Fixed project price;
  • Result-based cooperation model;
  • Production risks on us;
  • Minimum involvement and management required.


Our: Deliver product on time and within budget.
Client: Provide product vision, scale and desired timeline.

Our Workflow

Consistency and transparency are at the core of our development process, so we strive to follow the same framework regardless of the project.

Discovery & Planning Phase

Development & Implementation

Release & Maintenance

Transformation of the client’s idea into a precise concept with measurable features. Development of a roadmap to estimate the scope of work and deadlines, as well as project price.

This stage allows to:

  • Set the main business goals and needs;
  • Investigate possible problems, risks, and solutions;
  • Outline key product details and features;
  • Evaluate market competition;
  • Define end-users and pain points;
  • Determine project success metrics;
  • Develop a value chain map.


Product specification and project roadmap.

Design of UX/UI and brand book. Implementation of application’s front and backend.

This stage is required to:

  • Design and develop product prototype;
  • Create a holistic brand outlook;
  • Develop the core program functionality;
  • Conduct initial testing.


UX/UI design, application functionality, product testing.

Development of technical documentation, public product release, and subsequent software maintenance.

This stage includes:

  • Preparation for release
  • Development of technical documentation;
  • Preparation for the release;
  • Subsequent product maintenance and monitoring.


Product release, subsequent maintenance and support.

Core technologies

Custom software development of all forms and shapes, Image # 20 -

Back in 2018 we were suffering from capacity issues in our core team. It was a really great solution to cover the capacity shortage we had.”

Alex Hoogewijs | CTO "SiteManager"

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