Digital Transformation for Real Estate Businesses

Alex Tarasenko
Alex Tarasenko

Contrary to many other traditional industries, Real Estate is booming in 2020 and doesn’t seem to halt in the foreseeable future. As the pandemic hit businesses of all sizes and niches, investing in immovables seems to have become the bullet-proof type of asset everyone is looking for in these turbulent times. 

All of this has set the Real Estate market on fire. However, while the industry is growing – so do all sorts of issues that come along with the intensified market. The competition is fierce, and the cost of poor acquisition choices or mismanagement of property can be drastic during today’s economic crisis. 

And what can be a better solution to all of these problems than smart software? Technology has proven to be the most effective and [accurate] tool for resolving real-world issues in almost every sphere of life, and Real Estate management is not an option. Right now, custom real estate software is emerging as a new niche of IT product development, and it has already proven to be a golden goose for the industry. 

In this regard, the MintyMint team offers turnkey RE digital products tailored to a client’s specific needs and setup. Here’s who can benefit from custom property management solutions: 

  • Real estate agencies
  • Private and corporate facility owners 
  • Landlords and tenants
  • RE startups

While every digital product delivered by our team is 100% custom and unique, there are several types of real estate solutions we develop. So, let’s go over each of them, one project type at a time:  

Real Estate agencies 

Before anyone else, real estate agencies and individual realtors can benefit greatly from custom software development. Whether it’s a single-page “business card” website representing your company or a fully-fledged digital tool for conducting the full cycle of real estate activities (with integrated CRMs, inventory management functionalities, and convenient dashboards with KPIs) – building up the online presence is a key growth factor for any business in 2020.  

real estate agencies

Once again, every product is customized and tailored to fit each client’s specific business model and goals. Here are some of the services and product functionalities we offer:

  • Web and mobile apps for realtors and agencies
  • Customer relationship management and marketing tools
  • Facility search and listings 
  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and IDX integrations
  • Accounting and document turnover 
  • E-signature integration 

Facility Management

Let’s face it – whether in private or public (corporate) secor, managing property is not an easy task. Especially so if one is to oversee multiple estates / office locations / apartment buildings / warehouse spaces: things can get pretty messy without effective management. 

Digital Transformation for Real Estate Businesses

Having a digital tool to take care of property management may be relevant even for a family with several houses in ownership. And for businesses whose places of operation are scattered around vast areas (like food chains, hotel businesses & resorts, large fitness clubs, and companies with multiple offices) – having the following may be a budget lifesaver: 

  • Utility billing and energy management tools
  • Accounting and financial integration 
  • Document turnover software 
  • Customized reporting and data analytics
  • Maintenance work oversight

Renting & Lease

Selling and buying property is only half of the Real Estate activities. Another chunk of the business is renting & lease, which given the frequency of operations and quantity of the parties involved is even more intense and troublesome than trade. 

Both landlords and tenants know how difficult it is to find a good place for temporary stay, on one side, and to find a reliable person or business to trust them with using your property – on the other. More so, things get furtherly entangled as the size of the property in question scales up. 

Digital Transformation for Real Estate Businesses

Here’s how landlords and tenants can benefit from custom real estate software development: 

  • Applicants screening tools and lease management
  • Customized reporting
  • Accounting and document management 
  • Online payment functionalities
  • Reliable communication channels
  • Maintenance work oversight


Given the state of the real estate industry, it does not take an Einstein to see that it’s high time to occupy a niche in the industry. RE aggregators are gaining popularity but are usually limited to a particular city or area. Therefore, there’s plenty of opportunities to leverage the current market rise and find your spot under the sun while helping others find theirs. 

Digital Transformation for Real Estate Businesses

Therefore, startups and individual entrepreneurs are another large group of clients looking for digital products for the real estate industry. When building a tailored real estate solution, we can provide you with: 

  • Custom web and mobile apps 
  • Facility aggregators 
  • Property management software
  • Accounting and financial integration
  • CRM solutions
  • Real estate data analytics 

Artificial Intelligence Price Evaluation 

Our experts can develop an individually-run or integrated AI-powered solution for predicting real estate price fluctuations and investment potential. The algorithm works based on evaluating key facility metrics like location and area, property type, and previously recorded trade prices. It then compares it against the market’s big data, delivering an estimate as to the property’s value over time.

This allows not only to understand a particular property’s real price and investment potential but also to determine the best moment for doing the trade, whether its buying or selling.   

Final word

Real Estate is booming vigorously not only in North America and Asia but in all corners of the world equally. Whether you own property, manage facilities, invest in real estate, or help others do all of the mentioned above – the current market situation provides serious challenges along with great opportunities for all of the industry players. Successfully meeting the first and seizing the second requires a progressive approach, and leveraging the power of software is one of the best ways to achieve both. 

Want to learn more about digital opportunities in real estate right now? Contact us to ask any questions!